Moorsholm Mill

Kennels & Cattery


The Cattery has been totally renovated to provide a choice of facilities including outdoor covered exercise areas to eleven of the units, then seven units have been provided totally indoors for the less adventurous cats.

All units were built to exceed the sizes stated in the model licence conditions.


Vaccination must be up to date for Feline Flu and Enteritis, and although we do not insist on the Leukaemia & other vaccinations now available we strongly recommend them.


Veterinary fleece bedding is provided for your pet’s comfort, but you may also bring some familiar bedding from home if you wish. You may also bring your cat’s toys and scratching post.


Please ensure your pet is regularly treated for fleas and worms. All pets are insured for Vets Fees (except for pre-existing medical conditions) up to the sum of £1500


Inspection is welcome without appointment during our normal business hours. Early booking is strongly advised during peak periods ie School Holidays.