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Robin & Janos

Robin Karanberg

SchH2 KKL1 Hips 'A' Normal Haemophilia Tested Normal

Sire: Domino vom Baronenwald

Dam: Zimba vom Hirschell




Robin has won four Landesgruppen Shows as a young dog in Germany and has been graded ‘V’ every time shown as an adult.


He produced good hips with an excellent progeny average of 11 (The Breed Average is 19)


Korung  (Herr R. Mai)

Large, strong, very expressive male with correct proportions, high withers, firm back with very good croup, very good angulations, well balanced chest proportions, straight in the front, free and far reaching gait with powerful hindthrust. TSB Pronounced – Releases

Dry, firm anatomically a very harmoniously constructed male.


Robin had a fabulous temperament and produced puppies of excellent type.

Tragically, Robin died of a torsion on 31st August 2009 which left us devastated. He was a dog of superb breeding and temperament, but was never appreciated by British Breeders. His sister

Roselle produced the SG1 Youth Sieger Irok Karanberg.

However, I am fortunate enough to have one of his daughters, Hazelgrove Glenda Hip Score

12  Breed Survey Class 1.



Janos vom Nordkristall

SchH3 KKL1 BH AD 'A' Normal Hips & Elbows Haemophilia tested Normal

Sire: Cafu de Caraby SchH3 VA5 Spanish Seiger Show 2007 (Yak vom Frankengold)

Dam: Esta vom Nordkristall SchH1 (Baru vom haus Yu)


Janos is an excellent dog of absolutely correct size and conformation with a superb Temperament and rich black & gold colouring.


Korung (Herr Gunther Muller)

Large, medium strong full of type, character and expression. Very good pigmentation, constructed in very good proportions, substantial, dry & firm. Very good structure, high withers, straight firm back, very good length and lay of the croup, correct angulation of the fore and hindquarters, balanced chest proportions, straight in the front, straight stepping, very fluid ground covering gait with free fore steps. Reliable temperament. TSB Pronounced – Releases.

A very good pigmented male with very good overall construction. Suitable for the improvement of the overall proportions and pigment.


Janos is our greatest disappointment !!!

Janos was found to be sterile &  for health reasons had to be castrated. He has now also been diagnosed with Pannus, if left untreated he would go blind !!!  He lives as our house dog as we could not bear to part with him. He is one of the best dogs we have ever owned, so intelligent, a Credit to the Breeders in Germany who reared him and trained him, but unfortunately they chose not to compensate us in any way.