Moorsholm Mill

Kennels & Cattery


Terms of Business

1.Dogs can only be accepted on condition that they have been fully vaccinated within the last twelve months against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus & Kennel Cough, prior to being boarded  We now understand that the full vaccination is only given every three years, thetwo intervening years are done with Leptospirosis. Please check with your Vet or with ourselves if you are unsure about this. (CERTIFICATE TO BE PRODUCED EVERY TIME DOG IS BOARDED). Cats require a Booster for Feline Flu & Enteritis, we do not insist on the Leukaemia & Feline Kennel Cough vaccinations but highly recommend them. All vaccinations must be completed two weeks before your visit. Contact us for advice if you are not sure about anything.

2.Moorsholm Mill Kennels are authorised to call your Veterinary Surgeon should we need any information regarding your pet’s condition at any time.

3. Entry to the Kennels will be refused to boarders if the current required vaccination certificate cannot be produced at the time of boarding.

4. Whilst every care and attention is given to each dog/cat boarded we cannot be held responsible for loss of life or illness from whatever cause.

5. In the unlikely event that your pet is not collected within 7 days of the agreed date of departure and not having contact from you or your named contact, we shall be at liberty to re-home as we see fit. All monies owed to the business will be pursued by legal means. RESCUE KENNELS WILL NOT NOW ACCEPT DOGS WITHOUT THE OWNERS CONSENT. ALTERNATIVELY WE ARE ADVISED TO NOTIFY THE DOG WARDEN WHO CAN GIVE CONSENT BUT WHO WILL ALSO PROSECUTE THE OWNERS FOR ABANDONMENT OF THE PET. PROSECUTION COULD MEAN THE OWNERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO OWN ANOTHER PET.

6.All animals must be fit, in sound condition, and free from vice when entering out kennels/cattery. In the event of your pet falling ill during boarding we reserve the right to call in a Veterinary Surgeon, Vet’s fees will be the responsibility of the owner of the dog/cat.

7.All Transport Costs to the Vet’s Surgery will be borne by the Owner.

8.It is your responsibility to furnish all relevant medical history in writing (Every time). You must also provide special instructions for us to follow (in writing) of any signs of illness to look out for when the pet has a pre-existing condition so that we can provide the best care possible.

9. We supply a good variety of diets but cannot keep every diet on the market, so please check with us what we have available. If you wish to bring your Pet’s own food it must be brought in a sealed container and labelled with Pet’s name and feeding instructions. No reduction in fees is given.

10. Please regularly use flea and worming products, as a charge is made for providing this service. (Prevention is better than cure)

11. Deposit required is 25% of the total amount of the booking, Bookings under £60 require a minimum £15 deposit. Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE and in the event of cancellation are NON  TRANSFERABLE. Deposits can be paid by Card over the phone.

12. All Fees are payable on arrival at Kennels/Cattery (LESS DEPOSIT) Cheques to be made payable to: MOORSHOLM MILL KENNELS.

13. All additional charges incurred during boarding are to be paid before removal by the Owner of the dog/cat.

16. We reserve the right to refuse entry to boarders at our discretion.

17. It is stressed that all dogs must be on a lead at all times when Owners bring them, as we accept no responsibility for loss or injury. Collars being worn by dogs must be secure so they cannot slip loose.

18. Note we accept no responsibility for loss or damage to customers  belongings, ie any type of bedding, toys, leads etc… Any destroyed or badly soiled (unwashable) bedding will be disposed of..

We do supply Veterinary fleece bedding for your pet’s comfort.


19. Any owner requiring their pets to share accommodation do so at their own risk. Any injuries caused by one pet to another from the same family will not be covered under our Insurance any more. Any subsequent Vet Bill will be the responsibility of the Owner.  Dogs and Cats cannot be accommodated together.

20. A telephone booking is a Contract, Cancellation within one week of the first day of boarding incurs a charge of 50% of the total charge, failure to honour a booking will incur the full cost of  the period booked. If a booking is cancelled up to the week before boarding a cancellation fee equivalent to the required deposit is due Should we be let down at the last minute any future bookings will have to be paid for in full at the time of booking. . A deposit is normally 25% of the total amount, but amounts for boarding under £60 require a deposit/cancellation fee of £15 If you fail to honour the booking, full payment in advance will be required for any future bookings. Deposits can be paid by Bank Transfer or cash

21. Medication will be administered as per written instructions, but we do not accept liability if the pet will not accept the treatment. We now do injections for Diabetics (on good natured pets !!) A charge will be made for doing injections and also for administering complicated medication.

22. PLEASE NOTE: Dogs showing signs of Kennel Cough or any other contagious disease will be turned away. This also applies to sneezing cats if an acceptable explanation cannot be given.

23. No Dogs/Cats will be accepted for boarding without contact name and telephone number. Contacts may be asked to remove difficult or dangerous Dogs/Cats from the premises.

24. Owners are liable for any damage inflicted upon Staff and or Property by the Dogs/Cats.

26. Fees are charged by the day, not by  the  night or 24 hours. You are charged the day of arrival and including the day of departure.

27. There is a surcharge of £2 per pet for Bank Holidays ie every Bank Holiday Monday, Good Friday, Xmas Eve, Xmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day. We will be reviewing Bank Holidays shortly with a view to closing on those days totally.